My path has been a bit different than most. I grew up in Alabama where I went to school for finance and banking. My first career was at Regions Bank in Birmingham, AL. I soon worked my way up to the management team of a branch with a large deposit base. I was all of 23 years old managing a staff where the youngest member was 49. I spent a great deal of time working on processes to increase customer service ratings and developing spreadsheet models to increase efficiencies and branch sales.

While on vacation in Egypt, I was recruited to move overseas and do consulting work in the Middle East. Primarily working in Egypt, I engaged with small companies who wanted to expand their operations into western markets. Around this time the Arab Spring of 2011 began, and I learned how to operate in an environment that changed daily.

Just before leaving for Egypt, I met the woman who is now my wife. It was wanting to marry her that brought me to my current location in Columbia, SC in May of 2011 . At the time, I landed a job with a small university doing admissions and recruiting for adult evening programs. I discovered that I enjoyed working in this field and that I was a natural at building processes and systems to reach this student population.

In 2013 , I came on board at USC’s Darla Moore School of Business to work within the graduate division with the Professional MBA program . There I was a part of revolutionizing the way we communicated with prospective students. I was able to design and implement our communications model that led to higher efficiency in recruiting students.

In August of 2016 , I became the Marketing Technologist for the entire university. In this role, I focused on finding technology solutions to the challenges facing our marketing and communications groups.

In February of 2018 , I decided to fully commit to my passion of web development and became a software engineer for Red Ventures .

In April of 2022, I took the next leap in my career and went to work for Dashlane as a senior engineering manager.

In my free time, I am obsessed with programming. I spend a lot of time building apps to make life more fun. I also really enjoy building products to help my wife in her classroom. I am constantly learning more about different programming languages.

I also enjoy spending time with my wife, learning how to dance the Carolina shag , running, and traveling.