Paul T. Allen
Amsterdam, Netherlands

B.S. Business Management/Finance

Samford University
Birmingham, AL
May 2006

Masters of Business Administration

Samford University
Birmingham, AL
May 2008

Below are a few projects that I have been putting some time into. This is not an exhaustive list, as some projects from clients are not listed here.

⛵ One of the main purposes of this project is to make creating simple step flows easier and faster. By using intentional abstractions, the only thing a developer has to worry about is the core logic of the flow itself.
StreakBit was a proof of concept habit tracking webapp. It allowed users to set daily habits, then mark when they completed them. As the user built up streaks, they were awarded more and more points. The tag line was ‘turn streaks into habits’. This project was built in 2015 when Angular 1.x was at the height of its dominance. The stack for this app was Angular 1.x on the frontend with PHP as the backend running the CodeIgniter framework and MySql as the database solution.
This action creates a Todoist task from a GitHub action. I originally built it when GitHub actions were newer to the scene. It was a lot of fun to build and solved a problem I was having at the time with linking my GitHub issues to Todoist.
This site was for a church Christmas eve event. It needed to go up quickly and needed to have basic functions of giving information and taking RSVPs.
Flitwick is a simple CLI that I am working on to solve the problem that I seemingly get every day. List of Emails...
Swahlee is a clothing company in India that makes women’s dresses for export. They provide living wage jobs for young people, especially women. Swahlee needed a front facing website to tell their story and sell their dresses. They also needed a shop to handle the selling of dresses. The site is built in the JAM stack. It uses ReactJS with the GatsbyJS static site generator.
In November of 2018 PME-NA has its 40th annual conference. The needs for this site were informational with an emphasis on registration. The design needed to be responsive as well as required implementation across the entire stack. This site has a ReactJS front end coupled with the GatsbyJS static site generator. Other than using the Semantic UI library all code is custom and built from the ground up for the client.
Wardrobe Library was a classroom library software that was built for my wife’s elementary classroom. It integrated with a scanner and kids were able to check out books, search the inventory, and see what books were at their reading levels. The teacher was able to get an overview of his or her inventory and see if students were reading at, above, or below their reading levels. The stack for this software was Angular 1.x for the frontend with a REST API built in PHP using the Laravel framework for the backend and MySql as the database solution.
Each fall for the past 4 years I have taught a section of University 101 at the University of South Carolina. I wanted to give my students an easy place to find information about our class. I created a site from which all information was disseminated. This site was one of my first full Javascript stack projects. The frontend is Angular 1.x running on a NodeJS backend using ExpressJS with MongoDB as the database solution. is my personal website and access point for the Internet.I could have done something simple like a wordpress site, but I wanted to showcase my abilities as well as experiment with new technologies that I want to learn.The main stack for this site is React JS served off of a Node JS backend running the ExpressJS framework.It is constantly evolving and changing as I change.
This webapp shows a grade table given a number of questions on a quiz, test, or exam. It was built in response to my wife losing her paper EZ-grader and needing a quick solution. What started out as a simple fix for my wife has blossomed into an app that is used monthly by 30,000 people around the world. The stack is ReactJS for the frontend and a NodeJS backend running the ExpressJS framework.
The Grade Calculate mobile app gives you the power of on your mobile device. This was my first step into mobile development, and it has been a very successful experience. A new version of the mobile app is currently in development to bring the same look and feel of GradeCalculate 3.0 to the mobile App. This app was built with the Ionic framework which utilizes Angular 1.x. The next version will use React Native.
Neville JS is a simple node CLI that cleans a list of emails from a CSV file. It checks to make sure there are not any blanks in the email field, no duplicates, and no emails that are in invalid formats. This is a program I open-sourced to do simple cleaning of email lists that were given to me in my job. These lists would often have several errors that added time to get my tasks done. I am in the process of developing a web client version to make it more accessible for all users.
September 2023 - Present

Sr. Engineering Manager
Amsterdam, Netherlands
April 2022 - September 2023

Sr. Engineering Manager

New York (remote)
Lead a domain of 25 + engineers across 5 teams and 2 continents
Teams Included: Data Engineering, Website Acquisition, as well as several product - specific teams around the provisioning of team accounts plus monetization and checkout.
Manage the strategic vision of engineering teams within the growth domain
Build cross - functional relationships to increase the delivery of domain objectives
Produced and organized the first tech summit for all engineering at Dashlane
March 2021 - March 2022

Director of Engineering

Red Ventures
Fort Mill, SC
Lead 15 + engineers on 3 separate teams with an emphasis on strategy
Make strategic technology choices and resourcing decisions
Lead cross- functional tiger teams of engineers to address organization - wide challenges
Created product engineering technology stack standards
August 2019 - February 2021

Senior Software Engineer | Engineering Manager ( Education)

Red Ventures
Fort Mill, SC
Created tracking SDK library to leverage in -house analytics service used across all education sites
Built and led team that rebuilt the vertical's web technology stack to manage a portfolio of 100 + sites with diverse user needs
Led team that created a dynamic rankings product to deliver customized college rankings across education sites
Led team that created the program marketplace where users can search for programs based on their degree interests
Built and led team that created the dynamic lead flow engine that powers over 50% of all revenue in the education vertical
February 2019 - August 2019

Senior Software Engineer | Engineering Manager ( Bankrate)

Red Ventures
Fort Mill, SC
Developed 3 separate engineering teams, including setting coding standards, hiring personnel, and leading architecture decisions
Led team to build out Bankrate's personal loans prequalification flow and loans marketplace
Led tiger team to overhaul the design system and component library used across all of Bankrate properties
September 2018 - February 2019

Senior Software Engineer

Red Ventures
Fort Mill, SC
Led integration efforts to merge an acquired business with current practices and technologies
Built a dynamic mobile lead flow product for the Bankrate home equity business using Javascript and VueJs
Constructed a dynamic rate table for home equity, personal loans, and auto loans lenders using VueJ
February 2018 - September 2019

Software Engineer

Red Ventures
Fort Mill, SC
Overhauled CI / CD process to modern Javascript and ES6 standards
Created a legal text library to dynamically display legal footnotes on products displayed
Led project to introduce new product site using VueJS and NuxtJS
August 2016 - February 2018

Marketing Technologist

University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC
Overhauled the analytics infrastructure on all web properties using Google Tag Manager which led to increased flexibility in measurement and testing
Launched the College Newsletter Program that provided strategies to colleges within the university to successfully launch their newsletters
Rebuilt email templates that are used at the highest level
Authored several open - source programs related to email reporting and management
Found technology solutions to challenges facing the marketing and communications group
Defined, managed, and optimized the marketing technology stack
Provided guidance on technology systems and solutions to units inside and outside of the university
November 2014 - June 2016


University of South Carolina, Darla Moore School of Business
Columbia, SC
Led project to investigate potentially merging data systems across the college to leverage relational data
Provided input into communication strategy for open and custom executive programs
Advised on web and communication strategies across the college
April 2013 - June 2016

Assitant Director of Recruiting

University of South Carolina, Darla Moore School of Business
Columbia, SC
Engineered and implemented the communication model for all prospective PMBA students
Designed and programmed the HTML email templates used throughout the communication model
Constructed a system to track current budget usage and processing
Designed and programmed all mass email communications sent to current and prospective PMBA students
Maintained and utilized the CRM system to enhance current recruiting and reporting efforts
Managed the information content and user experience of the PMBA website
Designed and developed systems to market and provide metrics on recruiting events and strategies
Provided input on broad level marketing decisions for the PMBA program
Developed and managed social media strategies for the PMBA program
June 2011 - March 2013

Admissions Coordinator

Southern Wesleyan University
Columbia, SC
Developed relationships with businesses to promote the programs for adult and graduate studies and advance the university’s interests
Started the SWU Ambassador program for adult students to enhance recruiting efforts
Promoted the university and the AGS program to students through various avenues
Advised students on programs that match their educational needs
Worked with students throughout the enrollment process to obtain all materials and fees required for admission and enrollment
2009 - 2011


Cairo, Egypt
Built and developed relationships with members of the business community
Researched and implemented methods of conducting business in the Arab world
Consulted with small, local companies wanting to build Western clientele
Navigated living and working during the Arab Spring
2007 - 2009

Assitant Branch Manager

Regions Bank
Birmingham, AL
Directly managed the sale of all products inside the branch
Managed and developed sales staff employees
Achieved ambitious organizational goals in the areas of operations, sales, and customer service
2006 - 2007

Financial Services Representative

Regions Bank
Birmingham, AL
Summer 2005


Merril Lynch
Birmingham, AL
Programming languages: Typescript, Javascript, NodeJS, PHP, HTML, CSS, GraphQL and SQL
Frameworks: ReactJS, VueJS, Express, TSED, NextJS, GatsybJS
Other Technologies: AWS, Git, Terraform, CDK, Graphql, REST, MVC, Microservices, New Relic, Datadog, Microsoft Office
Significant knowledge of recruitment management software such as Jenzabar EX and Hobsons Connect
Excellent analytical and critical thinking skills
Operating Systems: IOS, OSX, Android, Linux, and Windows
Samford University's Dean's List
Completion of the Regions Bank Leadership Development Program
Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society
Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Honor Fraternity
Sigma Chi Fraternity
Student Government Association, Senator
Eagle Scout Rank in Boy Scouts of America