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Nov 27, 2019




This site was for a church Christmas eve event. It needed to go up quickly and needed to have basic functions of giving information and taking RSVP's. To get it out the door quickly, I spun up a GatsbyJS framework that I was familiar with and used some styled-components from other projects. The timeline to turn around was only one week, so I had to take every advantage of reusability where I could. I also made use of some nice React libraries to give some small animations that add subtle interactions to the site to make it pop. The application was hosted through Netlify and put behind a Cloudflare CDN to give it extra performance.


The event was a big success with a lot of traffic coming to the website. It was also delivered in a short timeline still meeting all requirements. I was really happy with how quickly I was able to get an application with the capability to do a lot up with little overhead or boilerplate.